(Solution) socw 6200 week 6 Discussion: Dalia’s Behavior

Discussion: Dalia’s Behavior

Argumentative behavior, engagement in physical altercations, and evidence of mood swings can all indicate that an adolescent is experiencing anger and depression. Self-harming can surface in adolescents, too, as they experience difficult emotions.

For this Discussion, read the case study of Dalia and consider what you, as her social worker, would do if you observed self-harm indicators.

By Day 3

Post a brief explanation of self-harming behaviors that Dalia is exhibiting. Describe theoretical approaches and practical skills you would employ in working with Dalia. How might familial relationships result in Dalia’s self-harming behavior? Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer.

By Day 5

Respond to a colleague’s post by explaining why you agree or disagree with your colleague’s use of a particular theoretical approach and/or practical skill in working with Dalia.


Self-harm is among the main challenges affecting adolescents. According to Moorey (2010), self-harm can be described as an approach to cope with the inner feelings. Important to note also is that self-harm is more prevalent among families and homes that are in a repressive environment. Parents are required to check for symptoms and signs that reflect self-harm. These include injuries that are unexplained, covering up, changes in mood and behavior, and reduced self-esteem.

Dalia exhibits a number of self-harm behaviors. First is the issue of mood changes where besides demonstrating negative behaviors such as argumentative and physical altercations with the peers, she often has an irritable mood (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). According to the parents, Dalia also demonstrates behavioral changes where she spends most of her day sleeping while being awake at night. Dalia further portrays covering up and impulsivity symptoms which depict self-harm. A behavior reflecting cover-up is when she shows her mother a tattoo she had acquired using a fake identity. Covering up is also….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5