(Solution) SOCW 6051 week 5 Assignment: Multiracial Discrimination

Dalmage (2013) writes, “Parents and teachers should be aware of the unique forms of discrimination faced by multiracial children and the White supremacist system in which discrimination flourishes” (p. 101). As social workers, we should be aware of our own understanding of what it means to be multiracial in society. This awareness includes a review of our own potential biases that might exist. We need to challenge our own personal ideas about how we categorize individuals and those assumptions that follow along with those categories. Rather, we must respect our client’s experience as a multiracial person in the world, beginning with asking him or her how they would define themselves when completing an intake or assessment form. Further, a social worker must be aware of the many forms of racism and prejudice a person with a multiracial background might experience. As Dalmage discusses, judgment comes from many sides with different intentions and expectations. Being aware of the particular forms of racism that a person who is multiracial will experience will give you the ability to do your best to understand their experience and empathize.

By Day 7

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper. Describe the impact of discrimination on individuals of multiracial backgrounds. Describe the impact of biracial/multiracial or multiethnic distinction on our society. Justify your response. How do these distinctions relate to social work practice with individuals, families, groups, and communities? Be sure to use APA formatting and references from the Learning Resources and two additional peer-reviewed resources from the Walden library about the discrimination against biracial and multiracial individuals.

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Multiracial Discrimination

Multiracial and biracial population has continued to grow substantially over the last couple of years. As such, it is highly crucial to understand the unique and distinct experiences that either negatively or positively impact on multiracial individuals and societies as they have considerable influence on psychotherapy as well as work place interactions. In regards to this, as described by Phelan and Link (2015), multiracial individuals are people that are identified with diverse race and cultural backgrounds. Biracial and multiracial trend dates back in 1967, when the federal government laid down the grounds for the unification for whites and non-whites to foster intermarriages between diverse races. This laid a foundation for the recognition and respect for multiracial and biracial marriages, not to forget the biracial kids who were formerly identified as children from illicit relationships. Even though a number of laws and policies have continued to be established to manage multiracial and biracial diversities, there still exist a plethora of individuals who are racists and culturally biased (Edelman, Luca & Svirsky, 2017). In light of this, this essay seeks to discuss on the impacts of multi-racism and bi-racism to individuals, to the society, and the relationship that exists between racial distinctions and social work practice with individuals, families, groups as well as communities.

The impact of discrimination on individuals and societies of multiracial backgrounds

Discrimination happens often based on one’s multiracial identity. This kind of judgment can be expressed by either verbal or non-verbal means and consequently affects different individuals in unique mannerism. Edelman et al. (2017) mention that multiracial based discrimination varies depending on the environment, time and the people involved.  The impacts of multiracial discrimination to individuals include isolation, micro-aggressions and psychological problems.

In regards to isolation, individuals from diverse races find it difficult to build and maintain relationships with other races. It is not uncommon to find an African American regarding…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10