(Solution) NR512 week 6 Discussion

Week 6: HealthIT Topic of the Week and Impact on Practice

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What was the HealthIT Topic you selected related to your specialty? Why did you select it? How will this impact your practice?


The topic that I selected was fraud in health and prosecution risk. With the increasing cases of fraud in healthcare, there is dire need to address healthcare frauds effectively mitigate their risks and improve patient outcomes. Health care fraud is an extensively serious predicament that adversely affects patients and other stakeholders. Some of frauds that exist within healthcare industry include waste and exploitation in the life sciences space that take into account interactions amongst the health industry, the drug prescribers and the drug customer (Sullivan, 2017). In cases of healthcares where the government is billed through direct submission of bills, fraud emanates through incorrect billing or improper item and service coding. Another fraud highly prevalent in healthcare takes into account the billing for undelivered services, unnecessary medications, and up-coding, which entails allotting inaccurate billing codes to particular medical procedures in order to upsurge reimbursements from health insurance or government aids. In addition, fraudsters in healthcares often employ systemic designs for patient management as well as control of medical health population for exorbitant utilization rather than proper population health sustenance. Just like any other fraud, health care fraud stipulates that fallacious information to be represented as the true and appropriate information. According to Brous (2017), healthcare frauds..Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5