(Solution) nr504 Week 8: You and Your Leadership Journey

Week 8 has arrived and it provides an excellent opportunity to reflect—to self reflect on your leadership journey that started eight weeks ago.  For the discussion provide a comprehensive response to each of the following topics:


  1. Based upon your learning experiences in NR504, identify two areas that were new to you regarding leadership and how will you use these two areas in your future professional nursing practice area.


  1. Speculate on how you could use the leadership concepts presented in NR504 to guide your final MSN practicum project.


Throughout this course, I have been equipped with substantial mastery of leadership concepts in nursing. Leadership in nursing influences a health care organization’s performance and productivity to a huge extent. According to Northouse (2017), leadership is a significant aspect whose concepts ought to be comprehended and assimilated by all nurses for the ameliorations of healthcare performance. Strategic leadership and engaging others in leadership are two areas of leadership that I had previously never thought of. Learning about these two areas grew and developed my leadership savvy immensely. In regards to strategic leadership, I will incorporate this aspect in my efforts to realizing healthcare visions. I will employ motivation and persuasion techniques to building the cooperation of the staff. I will think and act strategically in planning, envisioning and maintaining flexibility among the staff. In light of engaging others in leadership, whilst growing as a strategic leader, I will practice the aspect of engaging the staff in decision making regarding concerns that affect their activities, the patients, the healthcare and the overall community…Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5