(Solution) nr504 Week 5: Understanding Strategic Leadership

Describe the strategic leadership process and why strategic strategies are of essence when building an organizational/agency vision and leading change.


Strategic leadership process is adjudged as a highly essential tool that aids in building a communication bridge between an organization and its vision. It is tied to the organization’s values as they complement each other. Covin and Slevin (2017), state that strategic leadership motivates, manages and persuades all stakeholders within an organization to share a vision and work collectively towards its realization. Therefore, it is of great consequence for leaders to employ strategic leadership to create change and facilitate the staffs’ change acceptance. In regards to this, strategic leadership is the application of well formulated tactics for vision communication to all stakeholders. It is the propensity to plan, envision, sustain flexibility and act strategically whilst working with fellow staff to bring forth changes that enable the achievement of set goals (Langley, Ma, Priem, Semadeni, & Simsek, 2017). The leader is mandated to help in vision creation and staff engagement to accept and support the organization’s vision and mission. To ascertain consistency and commitment, the leader as well has the role of coordinating and integrating systems and processes. In addition, strategic….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5